Nantong Orient Pet Co.,Ltd.
With its location Nantong on the north bank of the Yangtze River,about 150km from Shanghai, mid 2008 year 32.4km long Sutong Bridge shorten the trip time within 2 hours.
ORIENPET has a 600m2 office building in downtown and 4000m2 warehouse and workshop buildings on 10,000m2 of property.

Nantong orient pet co.,ltd.was founded in 1998 by Mr.Jianfei Jiang.The affiliated companies ,Nantong Orient Trading Co.,Ltd.
and Nantong Chengnan Cat Tree Factory were established much earlier. In 1998,we began to concentrate on pet products for birds,cats,dogs and small animals.In 2003, began
to export aquarium products.We began to stock about 1000 pet items from Oct.2005.We began to export supermarket equipments and warehouse shelves from June 2007.

As exhibitors,we have participated in many wellknown international exhibitions such as the INTERZOO,GLOBAL PET EXPO,CIPS since 1998.One of the strong points in ORIENPET’s product line is that we have a large and wide assortment of aquarium products and pet accessories.

We are checking and packaging more and more products ourselves to be able to guarantee quality levels up to the advanced standards. We also develop more and more new


items.ORIENPET aims to become one of the most important international pet products manufacturers,wholesalers and hope to cover more countries,adding more qualified customers and agents in the near future.

ISO9001 2000 certificate A

ISO9001 2000 certificate B


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